Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A series of UNFORTUNATE EVENTS #1 :(

After living for 20 over years, I realised something.... I can't eat prawn. After eating prawns, I'll develop "bubbles" on my hands. The "bubbles" are filled with sticky fluid.. very itchy :(
The problem is... I LOVE PRAWNS!!! How??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How much is a buckle!!?? It worth less than 20cents... (Posted Friday, 07 July 2006)

One of cendawan’s favorite watches was broken. It is a blue plastic SWATCH® watch with the word SWATCH printed on the strap. Generally the watch looked quite new but the buckle just crack out of sudden and the corner just broken when cendawan was taking it off her wrist. Luckily the watch is still under a 2-year warranty so cendawan decided to visit a SWATCH® store down town.

In the morning, cendawan roughly read through the warranty card (basically it is just a piece of paper with thousand of tiny words in different languages folded many times) in order to understand a consumer’s right. After work, cendawan went to the store to request for repair to her watch. This trip down to SWATCH® not only gave cendawan a repaired watch but also a better understanding about the standard of Singaporean’s service quality.

“S(storekeeper): Hi, can I help you? C: Hi, my watch is spoilt. But it is still under warranty. Please change the strap for me.” Cendawan handed over the watch to storekeeper and waited for their service. But… “S: Oh… the buckle is broken. But this is not covered in the warranty. C: If this is not covered, then what is covered? S: We only cover the mechanism of the watch but not the material. It is stated in the warranty. C: Is it? Where is the clause? Can you show me? S: Did you bring your warranty? C: Of course.” What SWATCH® store is this without a copy of their own standard warranty? Anyway, cendawan passed her the warranty and let her read.

After a while, she put down the paper and start to speak. “S: er… is here… ‘The warranty does not include the life of battery, er… normal wear & tear… non-metallic strap, leather, plastic…’ Ya, this is not covered… C: No~~ it is saying ‘normal wear & tear and aging. For example, scratched crystal, alteration of color and/or material of non-metallic straps or chain such and leather, plastic, textile etc’. This is talking about the alteration of color or material but not specifically talking about plastic strap or whatever strap. S: Then you read the following lines. ‘Any damage on any part of the watch…’ C: This one should be ‘Any damage on any part of the watch caused by abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, negligence…” Before the storekeeper could explain, cendawan shoot again, “C: Please look at the condition of my watch, the surface is not even scratched, the alteration of the color, I think is very minor only yet the buckle is broken. I can say that the watch has been used with extra care. So the breaking of the buckle is definitely a defect in material.” Cendawan finished her argument and learnt a new word, buckle.

After mesmerizing the well kept watch for a short while, “S: Ok, we can change the buckle for you but please wear your watch carefully next time. C: Ok. Thanks.” The storekeeper finally agreed to change and taught cendawan the proper way to wear a SWATCH® watch. Thanks for the enlightening lesson offered.

Who on earth will go and tamper their own watch? How much does a buckle actually cost? It doesn’t seem to worth more than 20cents. What was the storekeeper thinking when cendawan asked for repair? Is this the Singapore quality service that emphasized by Mr. prime minister all the time? If only cendawan could “quantify” the service, it worth as much as the buckle, less than 20cents.

Answer your handphone!! Before it rings!! (Posted Wednesday, 05 July 2006)

Cendawan is a little engineer working in a consultant firm. Her basic job scope including designing the structure of a building and seek approval from government authority. One fine day cendawan wanted to submit her documents but she couldn't because the particular of one site staff is not ready. Therefore, little naive cendawan requested the information from the human resources admin, flower. Since flower was busy with something else so she asked cendawan to get back to her later. It was early in the morning. While waiting for the necessary information, cendawan proceeded to work on other project away from her desk. The clock ticked away quite quickly and it was almost 5 minutes to lunch hour. Cendawan naturally sent an online message to flower to remind her about the work. The message goes like this,

"Hi Flower,

Just a gentle reminder. Please provide me with the informtion. I need that for my submission. Thanks.



It doesn't in any way sound offensive but in less than 10 sec time, flower called cendawan... "F: Did you check your voice message? C: No. Why? F: I have left you a voice message telling you the form is ready. AND YOU STILL SENT ME THIS KIND OF MESSAGE!! (furious!) C: I DIDN'T HEAR ANY RINGING TONE FROM MY PHONE. SO I DON'T EVEN KNOW THERE IS A VOICE MESSAGE! So is my form ready? I get from you now." Cendawan only raise her voice when others did it first without acceptable reason.

Then cendawan slammed her phone reciever and walked to flower's personal office to get a stupid piece of paper. On her way back. Another ridiculous fellow, oily stopped cendawan and lectured her on the retrieving of voice message. Basically oily suggested cendawan to retrieve voice message whenever she walked away and returned to her desk.

Cendawan has got her own arguments, more reasonable and make sense ones. Firstly, cendawan didn't hear any ringing tone from her phone. Why would a fellow go and punch the "555" (a code to retrieve voice message) even when the phone is not ringing? It is like telling people "HEY ANSWER YOUR HANDPHONE! Even when it is NOT ringing". Only those super-free people and afford to do that. Secondly, what is the big deal of receiving an online message? Anyway, it is just a "gentle reminder" In this advance working world pre-dominated by technology, everybody is getting email/sms/messages every now and then. Is flower going to raise her voice against everyone else. Cendawan doubted that. That means basically flower is bullying cendawan! Wow, what a friendly and experienced HR personel. Luckily cendawan is not a "fuel-saving lamp" (省油的灯).

When there is no room for advancement and improvement, people tends to be more defenssive making sure that they finish their basic work, get no complaints and go home at 5:30. Is this mentality still work nowadays? Cendawan is not really a "OT person" and cendawan doesn't believe in "time-spent-equals-to-work-done-theory" instead effeciency and quality is the valuable things that employers looking for. However, in real-life situation, people are facing challenges not only from the demanding technical work but also from complicated interpersonal aspect. There are a lot to learn and to deal with in working world. In order to survive, always update and upgrade oneself so as to prevent falling into the trap of complacency. Without a sense to superiority complex, one will never ask others to answer their handphone when it is not ringing!

冤枉啊!! (Posted Wednesday, 12 April 2006)

Hi all,

There isn't a need to argue or to the extent of scolding me for not being able to attend esther and victor's wedding. In the first place, let me make myself clear. I called Esther quite some times ago in March for this issue and esther was well awared of and has agreed with my absence.

I have given exactly the same reasons over the phone, which are firstly, too rush. I might have to take Friday off and Monday in the event of flight delay. Secondly, June falls within the peak season because of school holiday. Therefore the flight ticket will be expensive. All these are factual whether you buy it or not. I remembered clearly that Esther's response was nonchalant and her reply was, "Oh.. Ok lo.. I need to buy my air ticket too..". This reply neither sounded a little bit of accusation nor it carried any teaching on family value. So please forgive me if I didn't feel any sorry for my decision at that point of time.

Without any reasoning from esther's part, I don't think I deserve a lecture on family value. Having realised that this is the first wedding of my immediate family member, I concluded that I was not well taught to the formality. Probably the next one will be better of.

As a continuous effort to solving this issue, I found a sequential error, too. If esther has suddenly realised that she missed a golden oppurtunity to scold me over the phone in March, she could have made a IDD call to highlight her concern before kicking up a awful fuss and telling mother the half true story Moreover, the story was made known to the whole world as if I am a human with no conscience.

Now that esther has finally brought up the point of family-first argument, indeed the most powerful however gradually deteriorated one. So see you all in June.

Wonderful medical benefit (Posted Sunday, 09 April 2006)

Visited dentist for a regular check up, scaling and polishing... Unfortunately found out that I have a badly decayed tooth. If no action is taken, it is going to reach the nerve. I have to either extract it or undergo root canal treatment. So sad. The worst thing is my company never provide dental benefit.

The only medical benefit is free consultation in dedicated clinics which is located near the office, 2 blocks away, and another in town. There are only 2 places we can seek medical consultation if we are sick. ONLY 2 CLINICS!!!. Probably this is to avoid anyone from abusing the system and claim MC whenever they feel like to. But this system in fact have brought so much incoveniences to those who are really sick. Imagine if someone is sick, he/she need to travel to the office in town, get a medical cheet to prove their identity before visiting the doctor in order to get the free consultation or even obtain the MC to exempt themselves from 1 or 2 days of duty.

From this arragement, I can see that my company simply have no trust in their emplyees. Not ony that, this company is actually exploiting the staff and unwiling to take care of the employees' health. On average, staff here spend more than 10 hours working. Why can't the company show some level of appreciation by providing more benefit notwithstanding the already low wages offered. Maybe the management is snickering at the willingness or stupidity of people who work a seriously underpaid job.

Super Mario (Posted Saturday, 25 March 2006)

Lately I have downloaded the old version of Super Mario game. Try to bring the reminiscences of my childhood. I have to admit that I not a good gamer. As I grow older, the reaction is not as sharp as before. Successfully completed the first 2 world then I am stuck. In the 3rd world, I came across a wide gap between 2 sides of the ground. I couldn't jump across as the gap is too big even i speed up my little Mario. However there is a spring on the ground. I have no idea how to jump from one side to the other side using the spring. Any idea??