Thursday, October 15, 2009

冤枉啊!! (Posted Wednesday, 12 April 2006)

Hi all,

There isn't a need to argue or to the extent of scolding me for not being able to attend esther and victor's wedding. In the first place, let me make myself clear. I called Esther quite some times ago in March for this issue and esther was well awared of and has agreed with my absence.

I have given exactly the same reasons over the phone, which are firstly, too rush. I might have to take Friday off and Monday in the event of flight delay. Secondly, June falls within the peak season because of school holiday. Therefore the flight ticket will be expensive. All these are factual whether you buy it or not. I remembered clearly that Esther's response was nonchalant and her reply was, "Oh.. Ok lo.. I need to buy my air ticket too..". This reply neither sounded a little bit of accusation nor it carried any teaching on family value. So please forgive me if I didn't feel any sorry for my decision at that point of time.

Without any reasoning from esther's part, I don't think I deserve a lecture on family value. Having realised that this is the first wedding of my immediate family member, I concluded that I was not well taught to the formality. Probably the next one will be better of.

As a continuous effort to solving this issue, I found a sequential error, too. If esther has suddenly realised that she missed a golden oppurtunity to scold me over the phone in March, she could have made a IDD call to highlight her concern before kicking up a awful fuss and telling mother the half true story Moreover, the story was made known to the whole world as if I am a human with no conscience.

Now that esther has finally brought up the point of family-first argument, indeed the most powerful however gradually deteriorated one. So see you all in June.

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