Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wonderful medical benefit (Posted Sunday, 09 April 2006)

Visited dentist for a regular check up, scaling and polishing... Unfortunately found out that I have a badly decayed tooth. If no action is taken, it is going to reach the nerve. I have to either extract it or undergo root canal treatment. So sad. The worst thing is my company never provide dental benefit.

The only medical benefit is free consultation in dedicated clinics which is located near the office, 2 blocks away, and another in town. There are only 2 places we can seek medical consultation if we are sick. ONLY 2 CLINICS!!!. Probably this is to avoid anyone from abusing the system and claim MC whenever they feel like to. But this system in fact have brought so much incoveniences to those who are really sick. Imagine if someone is sick, he/she need to travel to the office in town, get a medical cheet to prove their identity before visiting the doctor in order to get the free consultation or even obtain the MC to exempt themselves from 1 or 2 days of duty.

From this arragement, I can see that my company simply have no trust in their emplyees. Not ony that, this company is actually exploiting the staff and unwiling to take care of the employees' health. On average, staff here spend more than 10 hours working. Why can't the company show some level of appreciation by providing more benefit notwithstanding the already low wages offered. Maybe the management is snickering at the willingness or stupidity of people who work a seriously underpaid job.

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