Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A series of UNFORTUNATE EVENTS #1 :(

After living for 20 over years, I realised something.... I can't eat prawn. After eating prawns, I'll develop "bubbles" on my hands. The "bubbles" are filled with sticky fluid.. very itchy :(
The problem is... I LOVE PRAWNS!!! How??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How much is a buckle!!?? It worth less than 20cents... (Posted Friday, 07 July 2006)

One of cendawan’s favorite watches was broken. It is a blue plastic SWATCH® watch with the word SWATCH printed on the strap. Generally the watch looked quite new but the buckle just crack out of sudden and the corner just broken when cendawan was taking it off her wrist. Luckily the watch is still under a 2-year warranty so cendawan decided to visit a SWATCH® store down town.

In the morning, cendawan roughly read through the warranty card (basically it is just a piece of paper with thousand of tiny words in different languages folded many times) in order to understand a consumer’s right. After work, cendawan went to the store to request for repair to her watch. This trip down to SWATCH® not only gave cendawan a repaired watch but also a better understanding about the standard of Singaporean’s service quality.

“S(storekeeper): Hi, can I help you? C: Hi, my watch is spoilt. But it is still under warranty. Please change the strap for me.” Cendawan handed over the watch to storekeeper and waited for their service. But… “S: Oh… the buckle is broken. But this is not covered in the warranty. C: If this is not covered, then what is covered? S: We only cover the mechanism of the watch but not the material. It is stated in the warranty. C: Is it? Where is the clause? Can you show me? S: Did you bring your warranty? C: Of course.” What SWATCH® store is this without a copy of their own standard warranty? Anyway, cendawan passed her the warranty and let her read.

After a while, she put down the paper and start to speak. “S: er… is here… ‘The warranty does not include the life of battery, er… normal wear & tear… non-metallic strap, leather, plastic…’ Ya, this is not covered… C: No~~ it is saying ‘normal wear & tear and aging. For example, scratched crystal, alteration of color and/or material of non-metallic straps or chain such and leather, plastic, textile etc’. This is talking about the alteration of color or material but not specifically talking about plastic strap or whatever strap. S: Then you read the following lines. ‘Any damage on any part of the watch…’ C: This one should be ‘Any damage on any part of the watch caused by abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, negligence…” Before the storekeeper could explain, cendawan shoot again, “C: Please look at the condition of my watch, the surface is not even scratched, the alteration of the color, I think is very minor only yet the buckle is broken. I can say that the watch has been used with extra care. So the breaking of the buckle is definitely a defect in material.” Cendawan finished her argument and learnt a new word, buckle.

After mesmerizing the well kept watch for a short while, “S: Ok, we can change the buckle for you but please wear your watch carefully next time. C: Ok. Thanks.” The storekeeper finally agreed to change and taught cendawan the proper way to wear a SWATCH® watch. Thanks for the enlightening lesson offered.

Who on earth will go and tamper their own watch? How much does a buckle actually cost? It doesn’t seem to worth more than 20cents. What was the storekeeper thinking when cendawan asked for repair? Is this the Singapore quality service that emphasized by Mr. prime minister all the time? If only cendawan could “quantify” the service, it worth as much as the buckle, less than 20cents.

Answer your handphone!! Before it rings!! (Posted Wednesday, 05 July 2006)

Cendawan is a little engineer working in a consultant firm. Her basic job scope including designing the structure of a building and seek approval from government authority. One fine day cendawan wanted to submit her documents but she couldn't because the particular of one site staff is not ready. Therefore, little naive cendawan requested the information from the human resources admin, flower. Since flower was busy with something else so she asked cendawan to get back to her later. It was early in the morning. While waiting for the necessary information, cendawan proceeded to work on other project away from her desk. The clock ticked away quite quickly and it was almost 5 minutes to lunch hour. Cendawan naturally sent an online message to flower to remind her about the work. The message goes like this,

"Hi Flower,

Just a gentle reminder. Please provide me with the informtion. I need that for my submission. Thanks.



It doesn't in any way sound offensive but in less than 10 sec time, flower called cendawan... "F: Did you check your voice message? C: No. Why? F: I have left you a voice message telling you the form is ready. AND YOU STILL SENT ME THIS KIND OF MESSAGE!! (furious!) C: I DIDN'T HEAR ANY RINGING TONE FROM MY PHONE. SO I DON'T EVEN KNOW THERE IS A VOICE MESSAGE! So is my form ready? I get from you now." Cendawan only raise her voice when others did it first without acceptable reason.

Then cendawan slammed her phone reciever and walked to flower's personal office to get a stupid piece of paper. On her way back. Another ridiculous fellow, oily stopped cendawan and lectured her on the retrieving of voice message. Basically oily suggested cendawan to retrieve voice message whenever she walked away and returned to her desk.

Cendawan has got her own arguments, more reasonable and make sense ones. Firstly, cendawan didn't hear any ringing tone from her phone. Why would a fellow go and punch the "555" (a code to retrieve voice message) even when the phone is not ringing? It is like telling people "HEY ANSWER YOUR HANDPHONE! Even when it is NOT ringing". Only those super-free people and afford to do that. Secondly, what is the big deal of receiving an online message? Anyway, it is just a "gentle reminder" In this advance working world pre-dominated by technology, everybody is getting email/sms/messages every now and then. Is flower going to raise her voice against everyone else. Cendawan doubted that. That means basically flower is bullying cendawan! Wow, what a friendly and experienced HR personel. Luckily cendawan is not a "fuel-saving lamp" (省油的灯).

When there is no room for advancement and improvement, people tends to be more defenssive making sure that they finish their basic work, get no complaints and go home at 5:30. Is this mentality still work nowadays? Cendawan is not really a "OT person" and cendawan doesn't believe in "time-spent-equals-to-work-done-theory" instead effeciency and quality is the valuable things that employers looking for. However, in real-life situation, people are facing challenges not only from the demanding technical work but also from complicated interpersonal aspect. There are a lot to learn and to deal with in working world. In order to survive, always update and upgrade oneself so as to prevent falling into the trap of complacency. Without a sense to superiority complex, one will never ask others to answer their handphone when it is not ringing!

冤枉啊!! (Posted Wednesday, 12 April 2006)

Hi all,

There isn't a need to argue or to the extent of scolding me for not being able to attend esther and victor's wedding. In the first place, let me make myself clear. I called Esther quite some times ago in March for this issue and esther was well awared of and has agreed with my absence.

I have given exactly the same reasons over the phone, which are firstly, too rush. I might have to take Friday off and Monday in the event of flight delay. Secondly, June falls within the peak season because of school holiday. Therefore the flight ticket will be expensive. All these are factual whether you buy it or not. I remembered clearly that Esther's response was nonchalant and her reply was, "Oh.. Ok lo.. I need to buy my air ticket too..". This reply neither sounded a little bit of accusation nor it carried any teaching on family value. So please forgive me if I didn't feel any sorry for my decision at that point of time.

Without any reasoning from esther's part, I don't think I deserve a lecture on family value. Having realised that this is the first wedding of my immediate family member, I concluded that I was not well taught to the formality. Probably the next one will be better of.

As a continuous effort to solving this issue, I found a sequential error, too. If esther has suddenly realised that she missed a golden oppurtunity to scold me over the phone in March, she could have made a IDD call to highlight her concern before kicking up a awful fuss and telling mother the half true story Moreover, the story was made known to the whole world as if I am a human with no conscience.

Now that esther has finally brought up the point of family-first argument, indeed the most powerful however gradually deteriorated one. So see you all in June.

Wonderful medical benefit (Posted Sunday, 09 April 2006)

Visited dentist for a regular check up, scaling and polishing... Unfortunately found out that I have a badly decayed tooth. If no action is taken, it is going to reach the nerve. I have to either extract it or undergo root canal treatment. So sad. The worst thing is my company never provide dental benefit.

The only medical benefit is free consultation in dedicated clinics which is located near the office, 2 blocks away, and another in town. There are only 2 places we can seek medical consultation if we are sick. ONLY 2 CLINICS!!!. Probably this is to avoid anyone from abusing the system and claim MC whenever they feel like to. But this system in fact have brought so much incoveniences to those who are really sick. Imagine if someone is sick, he/she need to travel to the office in town, get a medical cheet to prove their identity before visiting the doctor in order to get the free consultation or even obtain the MC to exempt themselves from 1 or 2 days of duty.

From this arragement, I can see that my company simply have no trust in their emplyees. Not ony that, this company is actually exploiting the staff and unwiling to take care of the employees' health. On average, staff here spend more than 10 hours working. Why can't the company show some level of appreciation by providing more benefit notwithstanding the already low wages offered. Maybe the management is snickering at the willingness or stupidity of people who work a seriously underpaid job.

Super Mario (Posted Saturday, 25 March 2006)

Lately I have downloaded the old version of Super Mario game. Try to bring the reminiscences of my childhood. I have to admit that I not a good gamer. As I grow older, the reaction is not as sharp as before. Successfully completed the first 2 world then I am stuck. In the 3rd world, I came across a wide gap between 2 sides of the ground. I couldn't jump across as the gap is too big even i speed up my little Mario. However there is a spring on the ground. I have no idea how to jump from one side to the other side using the spring. Any idea??

Telco (Posted Tuesday, 21 March 2006)

Hi I am back.. After 1 year and 4 months i am finally back to continue my story book.

Just a bit of update about myself.
I have changed job for slightly more than a year.
Still staying at the same place but i spend most of the time elsewhere. Either downtown or somewhere in the north.
Finally signed up for Singnet 1500kpbs unlimited plan YEAH. for $43 per month. Here is a little comparison i made before i signed the plan.


Maxonline 2000 $58/mth exp
Maxonline 6500 $80/mth exp
Flexisurf $2.50/day for miminum 3 consecutive days


Singnet 512 $38/mth
Singnet 1500 $43/mth pay 5 more dollars to get higher speed. why not?
Singnet 3500 $47/mth must sign a 2-yr contract. too long for cendawan

Therefore... I signed up singnet 1500. The first thing i did when i online was to download super mario game.

WTH??? (Posted Sunday, 17 October 2004)

time and tide doesn't wait for nobody... i hv been working for abt 3 months already oh...

Mooncake Festival (Posted Saturday, 02 October 2004)

mooncake festival is when ppl sitting down, watching kids running ard with their fanciful plastic lanterns. this yr, manufacturer improved a lot woh... saw lanterns like powerpuff girl, spiderman, hello kitty, doreamon etc.

neighbourhood kids r v creative in terms of decorating the hdb open area. from one tree trunk to the next one, string being tied and lots of cheap cheap paper lanterns were hung. lit up the whole place.

as for me, i went to chinatown. there were performances, night market, cheap mooncake and ppl everywhere... after dinner, i walked ard in the midst of crowd and stopped by the stage and watched a few stunning chinese acrobatic performances again took a long walk to the nearest mrt and went home with sweaty body by the time i finished my favourite tv show, i was abt 1am and *oh no!! i hv to work tmr... that's how i celebrate my mooncake festival besides eating mooncake and drinking tea.

Bt Merah sucks (Posted Tuesday, 21 September 2004)

why like tat one??? i am going to the same place for consecutively 20 days... is 20 DAYS le.. my annual leave is even less than that lo... tired of this kind of schedule. sick the place as well as the food. especially the smell of the chicken rice, chow kueh teow, western food, duck rice all mix together. can't tell which is which.. nak muntah even when i think of it (think only nak muntah liao) sian

13 Going 30 (Posted Sunday, 04 September 2004)

yeah!! is weekend again. as i hv mentioned in the previous entry, "i am a part-time movie goer"... ya rite, i went for movie again last night. this time round, i watched a comedy featured by jennifer garner. the story is about a 13-year-old gal deparately wanted to grow up. on her 13th birthday, she made a wish to become a 30-year-old dirty, bitchy woman and woke up in the next day finding herself has grown up suddenly.

very funny one la.. coz her body is 30 but her brain is only 13. she has got everything she wanted in these 17 years but she lost the most important things - family and friends. when she realized that "mistake is actually the best lesson that teaches her doing right things" she decdided to live a new life once again.
did u lost anything in ur life that u can't afford to live without? don't talk abt money la. it is always not enough in singapore. but all these are temporal. i am talking abt something money cannot buy, like friendship la, family la, happiness in life la etc etc.. sometimes mistake is just a mistake. wake up in the next morning and get it done right lo. wat is the big deal?? don't repeat the same mistake over and over again until u become a well-known-abandoned unwanted zombie walking on earth without direction and purpose ok?? hehe.. enough of preaching

in short, this movie is good. (my standard is like tat only ) looking forward to watching The Terminal and Les Choristes. Bonjour!! Au revoir

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boring Life Story (Posted Tuesday, 31 August 2004)

It has a long long long~~~~ break after my last entry. i realized not a single friend is interested in my boring stories.. except my very very free zo bo xman cousin. probably ppl r just too busy with whatever they're up to.

started work for abt 1 1/2 month. slowly getting use to the pace and working style of different bosses. work is getting more interesting and more difficult. anyway, i am only a fresh grad... just follow watever ppl ask me to do colleagues r friendly and funny (some la not all) after every lunch break, i get to know the company history better.

besides working (i work hard ok...) i am also involved in a lot of funny funny things for eg, secondary sch activity, learning centre tuition, part time movie goer, full time outing organizer cum participant etc etc. life is short n there is too much to be done. no time no time... aiyah.. dunno wat to write ar. continue next time tatata

Graduation Day!! (Posted Wednesday, 14 July 2004)

convo on monday morning. that was quite a memorable moment in my life. i hv nvr taken sooo many photos within 2 hours. actually the ceremony didn't mean much to me but the photo taking session was just so fun that ppl who seldom talk to each other can actually gather together and smile at the same direction. then suddenly "Ka Cak!!" there u go, a nice photo has been taken.

when chancellor finally declared "the ceremony is now CLOSED...." cendawan shout "YEAH!!!" and followed by a lot of "Fui Chu.... behave..", "haha.. hehe...", cendawan is always under the limelight.

1st home outside Sheares, Ghim Moh (Posted Thursday, 08 July 2004)

moved into my new place last saturday. this flat is absolutely perfect for me living room is living room, bedroom is bedroom, kitchen is kitchen etc. i mean there is no a single unwanted stuff being put at unsuitable or unsightly spot. neat and tidy, with necessary appliances. to me, c'est parfait

i packed all my belongings into boxes after i woke up.. moved them to ghim moh and unpacked everything before i slept. the whole process took place within 1 day this is amazing. my record in sheares hall is always -> a few days to pack - a few hours to move - a few days to unpack. wah!! break record liao

But all this is impossible without all my fellow friends. they are professional movers!! move into and out from hall dunno how many times already after dinner, pastor SF drove us to hall in a pick-up. 5 kids sitting behind like "bangla", on the way to hall we saw a few companies in a lorry next to ours . once we arrived at hall ard 8pm, the professional movers quickly rush to my room, pull cum push all my boxes out from the room and put the heavy ones onto trolley. they are strong and fast but the only problem is that they are not familiar with the structure of blk b. they almost lost their way in this "maze". first of all, u gotta go all the way to the junction turn right and take the lift down to 4th floor. turn right twice and move to the next lift. take to 1st level and open the gate. who would remember so many turnings huh?? ok finally we loaded the little pick-up with my 4-year assets. well then we set out to ghim moh. this time round, i was the only one being the "bangla" and the rest upgrade liao, taking cab.

another 3 guys were waiting for us at ghim moh... shocked seeing so many things. they are just sooo "swey" staying opposite my blk in ghim moh and kena arrow to help us move. from the ground floor, take lift to 14th floor and walk down the stair to 13th floor carrying heavy boxes. still gotta walk all the way to the corner. die man... auntie in the flat also shocked watching us walked in and out uncounted times. finally, settled all the boxes and we had a drink downstair in a kopitiam.

fortunately they are helping and of course my lab tech's heavy duty trolley played an important part la... it is not only heavy duty but also very heavy. can train my muscle bringing that trolley up and down busses. moving house is not a fun thing to do but my house moving experience happened in such an interesting way. hahaha.. even so, i wouldn't want to move again in near future

Spiderman 2 (Posted Saturday, 03 July 2004)

Spiderman, Spiderman,

Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.

there is a seperated queue for phone/internet booking. i thought that line shd be faster since we have booked and paid in advance. mana tahu this guy in front of me got problem with his booking ar... at first he gave a non existing reference number then he gave his NRIC number which was not being recorded in eng wah database.. there u go, win already lo.. i waited for more than 20 min. even the normal ticket purchasing queue was clearing faster than mine... anyway, got my tickets, had dinner and happily watching spiderman, spiderman, friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

enjoyed the action, effect etc. quite entertaining, amusing... not too bad la. not only the movie, but also my kaki made the night very fun. looking forward to watching the next showssss

Family Outing Plan (Posted Thursday, 01 July 2004)

9/7 (Fri)
arrive in the afternoon - check in - rest
night - Chinatown - eat dinner - shop shop tat night market - go back and sleep

10/7 (Sat)
morning - Botanical Garden - my mum likes flowers
afternoon - NUS Tour - photo taking session - slow and steady
night - Bugis - dinner - shopping

11/7 (Sun)
morning - breakfast - Zoo
afternoon - still in Zoo - eat animal muahahahah!!!
night - rest well

12/7 (Mon)
morning - convo at 9am
afternoon - rest - i take pictures with frens - lunch
3pm - Sentosa - play play walk walk - musical fountain
night - dinner at Pasir Panjang Food Centre

13/7 (Tue)
free and easy - no plan at all
lunch - check out

back to KK~~ bye bye

My first job interview (Posted Thursday, 01 July 2004)

ogre: so b4 we start, tell me wat is ur goal? cendawan: er.. er... ogre: don't be nervous. come on tell me how long r u going to stay in singapore? cendawan: maybe abt 7-10 yrs bah~~ *not sure* ogre: huh ?? so long ar? u know.. singapore everything also very expensive le.. u sure u want to stay here for so long ar? so where r u staying now? cendawan: going to move to ghim moh. ogre: oh.. which block? i staying in blk 14. blk 14 is better than blk 13. got better view. hmm... good la, ghim moh is near to here. take 147, 196, 198 also can. 198 goes to the terminal behind. not bad hoh? this place very convenient. cendawan: ya i know. ogre: of course!! here eat only $2. if u work in town like city, orchard. eat also must pay abt $4,$5. cendawan: *almost lolz...*

ogre: ok now, tell me... u learn steel and concrete *mumble mumble mumble* so r u more comfortable with steel or concrete? cendawan: wah!! i tot they r equally important. although i am more comfortable with steel. *wat kind of qn is this?* ogre: ok wat abt pile? u know anything abt pile? let say i hv a building now. how r u going to design my pile? cendawan: *answer in great confidence.. thanx to Prof Yong *

when i caught a glimpse of him, he looked quite satisfied and i felt that i was on the rite track. so i kept on talking and talking. simply telling him watever i learned. until i can't think of anything anymore.

ogre: ok enough of pile. u said u learned steel design ar.. u know how to design truss? portal frame? fire structure? *huh? wat's tat?* cendawan: dunno... ogre: concrete? flat slab? precast flat slab? plank and block? etc etc etc... lots of names tat i heard from somewhere but not sure wat r they.. then he start flipping my transcript and suddenly ogre: oh!! u took water treatment.. so tell me how to treat wastewater? u know wat is activated carbon? cendawan: provide sufficient of micro-organism and make sure they grow and stay alive. dunno wat is activated carbon. ogre: how u get rid of ordour in water? cendawan: add charcoal then filter it ogre: this is called activated carbon. cendawan: so this xxx dunno wat carbon is basically charcoal la?? ogre: ya *walao zadao!!*

lots of qns coming up. crack my brain and think of "smart" (so-called smart)answersssss.... ogre: ok, i'll call my boys to come in and ask u qn. After a while, one handsome guy came in and sit down in front of me.. really quite handsome le.. but eye ring a bit dark. probably catching euro 2004 every night ar. reading my CV and comment here comment there. asking qn abt water treatment, RC pile, bored pile, finite element, submission procedures, trusses, sheet pile wall, spun pile etc etc etc. almost brain dead and black out after the whole "chit-chating" session

this is partly wat happened during my job interview. yeah!! i finally got a job now. in the process of applying EP. gotta work hard liao. seems like i dunno a lot of things hehe although no one expect me to know everything going to start work in 2 or 3 wks time. for the time being lemme enjoy the last last last last last few days of holiday bah...

thanx to those who owez listen to my grumble n complaint, those who owez pray for me and those who owez help me to look out for opportunity.. hehe.

Monday, October 5, 2009

1st time to Sg Bird Park (Posted 2004 June 27, Sunday)

What a DAy~~ shagged out man... woke up in the early morning, had my breakfast, set out from hall and headed for bird park. ya, i went to Jurong Bird Park on one fine sunday huh!!?? Bird Park? yupz, the one in Jurong. duh...
It was fun to see different kind of birds which i cannot name them. only remember a few like pengiun, vulture, hawk, eagle (er.. what's the difference ), parrot, owl, hornbill, humming bird etc etc.. today, the park was absolutely crowded and i hardly make my way through the entrance. finally, i found the pengiun cold room. met up with xman and company there goes we start our bird park trip.
At specific time slot, there are performances and feeding sessions being put up for the visitors. the All star bird show was fantastic coz we got the chance to see singing birds, speaking birds and basketballer birds. lots of ppl paying extra $5 just to take photos with birds that they can't even name. anyway, this is how the birds buy themselves wholesome meals, i guess. After the all star show, we walked from zone to zone to view different species. walking under the sun wasn't a good exercise, is torment... agony~~~~ hahah.. simply exaggerating. however, watching colourful creatures and listening to bird-song was quite relaxing, only when u're under some shadow ya. We walked and see see look look for abt 4 hours and finally ended our trip eating lunch ard 2:30pm.
To some ppl, birds are birds. colour and size make them look different. To some other ppl, god's creativity brought colour and beauty to this world. wonderful trip!!

Euro Cup Soccer (Posted 2004 June 25, Friday)

Oh.. i missed England vs Portugal again... Why is this happening again & again???? WHY~~~~ I remembered correctly that i have set my alarm clock to 2:45am. By the time i woke up it's already 5:21!!! My alarm really cacat liao. I quickly sit right up and stare at the TV screen.
1 after another, the players scored (or missed) and my heart was beating faster and faster. Aiyah finally portugal won by 8(2) : 7(2) so sad to say good bye to england. work harder 2 yrs later in World Cup ya...

Lousy Bata shoes (Posted 2004 June 23, Monday)

Yesterday I was happily wearing a pair of new bata shoes that I bought in Malaysia. Before I bought them, tried for very long (almost 25 min) and made sure it is comfortable. However, yesterday I had abrasion on my foot.. bad bad.. lousy bata, don't buy anymore...

Moving to Ghim Moh (Posted 2004 June 21, Monday)

aiyoh.. how come still cannot move in on time?? initially i am moving to my new place in Ghim Moh next week. Suddenly the current tenant says that he might need to extend his stay for another 2 weeks. well well... luckily my hall stay is still valid, or else you guys will only find me under the flyover of AYE or any overhead bridge, covered by some cardboard and old Straits Times better save up some Newpaper, too, for rainy days
Anyway, thanx to those who offered their help and those who r going to offer help. not many ppl got the privilege to help k er er er... i mean privilege to help my housemate
not a very productive sunday.. no one jio me for badminton session and 2 matches at the same time. better sleep first and wake up then i wish that tv3 is showing spain vs portugal. Good nite

How did cendawan come about... (Posted 2004 June 20, Sunday)

Tonight channel 8 is showing God of Gambler II by Chow Yun Fatt. wat an old show... this kinda show is only being shown during chinese new year in Malaysia. is time for RTM to purchase more new shows already la . I didn't know that Gao Jing's wife died in a horrible way. She was pregnant and her foetus was taken by doctor (employed by bad guy) and she died because of excessive bleeding... yuck so bloody
today is a typical saturday . woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, read newspaper and sent 2 job application... sigh not many job opening today. gotta work part time while waiting for perm job. or else, i'll really become a cendawan
the reason why i chose this name was because.... once upon a time, brother ah meng brought a squarish grey grey box and connect to the tv in my kopitiam (Huh!!?? kopitam?? yayaya... closed down long long ago..) and we play super mario. i was 8 years old and that was the first time i came to know about tv game.. hahaha "sua gu" rite?? a bit la..
ever since i move back to KK, my cousins, xman and KeeKee played super mario almost everyday. They are very skillful and they can complete all the 8 levels of challenges in a few hours . as i was a tv game idiot, i simply watched them play. super mario and his brother, Luigi (hehe.. i guess they are siblings ) need to eat cendawan to grow up. besides that, they eat flower in order to turn their saliva into bullets that kill enemy.. haha roughly remember the music. DeeDeeDee deedee.. DeeDeeDee deedee.. DEE!! haha this is how cendwan came about... actually er er er... i chose this name because i like to eat cendawan... habis cerita

My FIIRST Post (Posted 2004 June 18, Friday)

Cendawan Blog pindah rumah ke Cendawan-Mushroom Blog
I have started to blog since June 2004. Since xanga is not as useful friendly as blogspot, I decided to shift all my entire blog to this new blog.

Friday, 18 June 2004
Hi all, this is my first post. What shd I say? Well.. since i just came back from my home town, let me share with u my holiday.

I went back on 20 May (sat). everybody in the house was like so happy to see me and welcome me with huge smile on their face. my mum was especially glad to see me. so much so that she even prepare to cook "kiew ngiuk" (in hakka, basically is a chinese dish made up of layers of pork and layers of fried yam arranged alternatively. marinated with strong chinese seasonings, plenty of garlic and then stem for dunno how many hours).

Anyway, this dish is always available whenever my cousin(s) coming back from overseas . although this took her a few days to prepare but she still enjoyed doing it. *Salute!!* this is the attitude of a professional mother. As usual, we had a big feast in my house with all the relatives gathering. After dinner, we finally open the bottle of Bailey's i bought back last year. Because my auntie insisted that Bailey's comes better with fresh milk and ice. Well, i am fine with anything as long as i can drink it. Even my youngest cousin is old enough to take alcohol. wahseh!!... time really flies.

During the Pesta Menuai (Harvest Festival) weekend, Magaret and i went onto a trip to Pulau Manukan with Yew Yao and his friends. The trip was cool.. coz it's raining in the morning (real cool~~ huh ). Fortunately, rain stopped in the afternoon then we actually went snorkelling. after soaking in salt water, taking shower back in our chalet has become a luxury. Ah Fong, "WEI!!! how come the water is weak!! how come my lather is forever on my hair????!!! #@$*^)@$#" well... i supposed luxury turned into disaster as the door cannot be locked properly and the water supply was terrible . besides the washroom, the chalet is basically very cozy and comfortable. worth the money our chalet is a double storey wooden house with living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, washroom and a small balcony aka smoking area . since the girls took forever to bathe, all the guys gotta take quick shower using pipe water outside the chalet... (poor thing.. ) however, these little hiccups didn't stop us from having a great dinner -> BBQ at the beach.

We had BBQ dinner until late night then we play "cangkul big D". it was an extraordinary cangkul big D. the one who won the game can ask the loser 1 question and the loser gotta tell nothing but the truth (cheh!! who knows if i fake.. ) funny questions kept coming up including: "when was the first time u peep a girl bathing?", "when was the last time u watch a blue film?"etc... the longer we played, the more concentrated we were in the game coz no one wanted to lose. the 4 players were losing their brain cells while the other 4 audience were simply happily sit down there and wait for the Q & A session "mou tin lei!!" (no heavenly rules) anyway all of us enjoyed the game.

The next morning, we had breakfast, photo taking session and finally a small little speed boat took us back to mainland. thanx to Yew Yao for organizing such a memorable trip. hopefully the promised Mt K trip will be successful in the future.

For the rest of the holiday, Magaret and Esther (prearing for ACCA ) were at home so my stay was more interesting and less lonely . we went shopping, eating out, going church, visiting grandma, getting new IC, getting admin stuff done, visiting Tanjung Aru, watching concert, watching movies etc... these r the typical events back home. In order to cut my first post short, i scrapped a lot of my holiday "dairy".

my holiday finally ended on 14 June. this 2-hour airasia flight brought me back to johor senai airport. by taking a slow stroll, i arrived at my second home -> sheares Hall at abt 5pm. i was just so tired and wanted to dive into my bed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Bye Mum...

My mum passed away on 18 Sept 2009. She fought her battle against colonrectal cancer for 2 years. Although the sickness has conquered her body but GOD conquered death. She had no fear facing death. She no longer suffer pain and left the world peacefully.

When I was young, my mum nagged all the time. "SHOWER ALREADY??", "GO COLLECT THE CLOTHES!", "COME AND HELP ME COOK DINNER!!", "PREPARE THE TABLE FOR DINNER!" etc etc. Her loud voice frightened me all the time.

Sometime I wonder why she kept shouting at us? Why can't she behave like other aunties? Mui Kim auntie fetch her daughterS from school once in a while but my mum didn't. Mui Mang auntie bought lots of TV game for his sons but my mum didn't. Eldest auntie used to stay at home and cook lunch everyday but my mum didn't. Why is she different?

She was teaching us to be independant. She didn't fetch us from school so that we can learn the importance of punctuality and not to miss our school bus. She didn't buy us toys so that we can learn to be friendly and play other's toys for free. She didn't stay home to cook us lunch so that we learned how to manage our own life. My mum is the best teacher I ever had.

Thanks mum. You taught me well. Your early demise was my loss. I'll miss you a lot.